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Adoption Process

Adopting from our rescue requires that you complete the adoption process outlined below. It is best to be approved BEFORE you find the dog that you want so that when he or she comes along, you will be ready to adopt. You must complete and pass one step in order to move to the next one.

Step 1: Fill out an adoption application

Click on the Adoption Application link at the top of this page and fill out the application in full. Be sure to answer all questions marked with an asterisk and click submit at the bottom of the page. Submitting false information is immediate cause for an application to be cancelled.

Step 2: Review of your application by Rescue Me

Someone from the Rescue Me Applications Committee will review your application to determine if it should be escalated to the next step. Since our goal is to find a safe and happy forever home for every dog, we appreciate your understanding should you be eliminated as an adoption candidate.

Step 3: Veterinary Reference Check

A Rescue Me volunteer will verify your veterinarian as listed on your application to ensure that your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered (we will not place one of our dogs in a home where there is another intact animal). If you do not have a pet, we will verify that the vet you have selected exists.

Step 4: Phone or Email Interview

A Rescue Me volunteer will contact you, likely via email, to conduct a phone interview consisting of questions about you, your family, your home and other scenarios to determine a suitable match, if any, for your home. This typically occurs within a one to two week period of time but can happen sooner or later.

Step 5: Home Visit

The final step of the approval process is a home visit. A home visit is when a volunteer comes to your home to determine if it is safe and acceptable for a small dog and to verify that information submitted on your application matches.

Rescue Me will attempt to find a volunteer to conduct the home visit. This could take days, weeks or even months.

If you would like to speed up the process and set up the home visit yourself, you can contact your local shelter or any local rescue to see if there is someone in your area available to do the visit. To find a shelter or rescue in your area, visit www.petfinder.com and click on the 'Shelter and Rescue Groups' link at the top of the page then use the drop down menu to select your state. You must send an email to with the contact information of the person in animal welfare who has volunteered to do your home visit. Rescue Me will send the home evaluation form to this volunteer and be in contact with them after the home visit.

Step 6: Adopt

Once you have completed and passed the home visit, you are ready to adopt one of our dogs. It will be your responsibility to check www.petfinder.com on a regular basis to see what dogs we have and inquire about them when interested. When you see a dog that you think is a match, you can contact the number listed in the dogs bio to get more information and set up a potential meeting time/place. Information about our adoption fees

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