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A non-profit organization which operates solely on donations. Every penny goes to help save the dogs.
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Adoption Application

Before you take the time to complete this application, please review our Adoption Policies, Adoption Process and Adoption Fees. All applications must be completed 'in full' and with 100% honesty. You must include: every member living in the home, all pets living in the home, a vet reference for those animals, a vet you plan to use if you have no animals and all other pertinent answers must be completed. Missing or false information is immediate cause for denial.

The fields marked with an asterix(*) are required.

If you are applying for a particular dog(s), please list the name(s) here. We do not hold dogs for applicants and adopt to the first approved home who is the right match for each dog.

Basic Information

Please include everyone living in your home, animals included, on this application.

* First name
* Last name
* Age
Partner First Name
Partner Last Name
* Street Address
* City
* State
* Zip
* Email
* Home Phone (555-555-5555)
Cell Phone
* Employer
Work Phone
* Number of Children
Ages of children

Your Home

* How long have you lived at your current address?
If less than two years at current address please list previous address

* Do you
If Other, please explain

If Rent, Name of Landlord
Landlord's Phone
* Current type of housing
* What type of environment?
* How many stories high is your home?
* Does your home have a basement?
* Does your Current home have a yard?
If yes, is it fenced?
If yes, what type of fence and how tall?


* What do you anticipate spending yearly to care for this animal?
Take into consideration regular check-ups, annual dental cleanings, random office visits and even potential emergencies.
* Can you afford to care for a Yorkie?
* If you adopted a Yorkie and it developed a costly medical problem ($1000+) that was correctable, provided that your dogs' quality of life would be the same - what would you do?

* Are you willing and prepared to deal with potential medical problems, emergencies and/or special needs should they occur during the span of the dogs' life?

Adoption Information

* What members living in your home will care for this animal?

* Is someone home during the day?
* When you are away from home for a few hours or more, where in the house will the dog stay while you are gone?

* How many hours will your dog be alone each day?
* Should you go away for a few days or longer, who will care for this animal while you are gone?

* Where in the house will your dog be kept most of the time?

* Where will your dog sleep at night?


* Will you go to obedience class with your dog?
If no, why?

Obedience classes are to train YOU to train your dog and are an excellent opportunity for the two of you to bond.
* Have you ever owned a Yorkie?
If Yes, where is that Yorkie now?

* What discipline do you or will you use for your dog?

* What would your reaction be if you came home to pee and/or poop in the house?

* Have you ever successfully housetrained a dog?


Please keep in mind that the more specific your requirements are, the harder it will be to find your match. If your requirements are too specific, Rescue Me will not be able to help you find a dog.

* Do you have a gender preference? Choosing a dog based on gender narrows your choices.
* What age range are you looking to adopt? If you are considered a senior, please understand that we place age appropriate dogs in age appropriate homes.
*Does size matter to you? Please select the range the represents the largest size you will consider and understand that tiny Yorkies rarely come into rescue.
* Please explain your preferences.

* Would you consider adopting a dog with special needs?
* Would you consider adopting more than one dog if they came together?
* Have you ever given up a dog or taken a pet of yours to a shelter?
* Please explain that situation.

Other Pet Information

* Do you currently have any other pets?
If Yes, list the name, breed, age, sex and size of each one

If No, have you ever owned a dog before?
Are all of your other pets current on all vaccinations?
Are your other pets spayed/neutered?
Are your current animals on Heartworm preventative?
If Yes, what type?

* How long would you allow for an adopted dog to adjust to you, your home and your current pets (if you have any) and what would you do after that period of time?

List all of the pets you have owned in the past three years and what happened to them

List any Humane Societies, Organizations, Breed or Training Clubs you are associated with

Veterinarian Information

Note: If you do not currently own a pet, you are applying to adopt one and will need a vet. We need to know which vet you plan to use to process your application
* Name and Address of all Veterinarian’s you currently use

* Veterinarian’s Phone Number (555-555-5555)
* Name of all animals currently under care at this vet’s office (pet’s name and owner’s name)

Please provide the name, address and phone number of two references and one groomer that you do/will use
* Name, Address, Phone

* Name, Address, Phone

* Groomer Name, Address, Phone

Rescue Knowledge

* What do you know about rescues and dogs in rescue?

* Why do you want to adopt a dog from a rescue?

* What time frame are you looking to adopt? Note: it could take days, weeks or months for your perfect match to come along

* How long are you willing to wait for your dog?

* Have you applied to other rescues/shelters for a dog?
If yes, please explain

Yorkie Knowledge

* Rescue Me will provide you with all information we have with regard to the temperament of our dogs. Do you acknowledge that many times we may not know the complete history of a dog and you may therefore experience new behaviors which were unknown to us?

* Are you willing to work with us to correct these problems?
* How much research have you done about the Yorkie breed?

* Have you ever read a book, researched on the Internet or talked to breeders about Yorkies? If yes, please let us know which books, sites or breeders

* How big is a teacup Yorkie?

* Tell me what you know about a Yorkie’s teeth

* What does the AKC say about Yorkies and children?

* Do you know that some Yorkies do not get along with large dogs?
* Would you provide a temporary Foster Home?
* By selecting "Yes", I am certifying that the information provided on this application is true and correct. I am financially and physically able to care for the animal. I understand that proper food and veterinarian care may be costly, and I am able to meet these requirements. Submitting false information on this application is immediate grounds for denial.

Home evaluations will be made prior to adoption and can be made on a random basis after adoption. If upon inspection we find that information contained in this application is false, Rescue Me has the right to turn down your request or remove the animal from your premises without a refund of moneys paid.

Submitting this application denotes acceptance of these terms and certifies that the information herein is true and correct.

Copyright © 2005-2006 Rescue Me. All rights reserved.