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A non-profit organization which operates solely on donations. Every penny goes to help save the dogs.
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Our Dogs
The dogs currently in Foster Care with Rescue Me are listed below. YOU MUST COMPLETE AN APPLICATION prior to contacting a foster home and MUST BE APPROVED prior to adopting a dog. Please read our Adoption Process and our Adoption Policies prior to completing your application

Male4 months , 1.15 lbs

Nugget is a tiny little Yorkie puppy who found himself on death's door after being given a series of three vaccines - all at the same time! He spent a costly two weeks at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital in the ICU to help bring back his strength, maintain his blood sugar and get him eating on a regular and frequent schedule. Nugget still has a long way to go - mostly to grow - before he can be adopted so we are not accepting applications or phone calls for him at this time. If you can help, even with the smallest donation, towards his $6000+ vet expenses, our charity would be especially grateful! If you are approved contact Carole: 717-491-1942 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Female , 13 years , 6 lbs

Meet Haley! She is a beautiful and well trained girl with the spunk of a Yorkie half her age! Haley was surrendered by a loving family when they no longer had the time to give her the attention she deserved. Haley has adjusted well to her new foster home, and gets along well with both brother and sister Yorkies. She is alert, inquisitive, and enjoys playing with toys. Haley would be happiest in a Yorkie experienced home, and will be fine as an only dog or in the company of other dogs. Haley is a sweet girl who will be a loving companion for the right family. She is fostered in Newtown PA, and her adoption fee is $200. If you are approved contact Margaret & John: 717-491-1942 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Booley and Pittypat
Female , 9 years , 2.5 lbs

Pittypat and Booley lived most of their lives in a puppy mill and were only rescued a few years ago. Both dogs had been adopted out but had to be returned because the new owner became seriously ill and couldn't care for them any more. Pittypat is around 9 years old and only weighs 2.5 pounds. She lost all her teeth to neglect while she was in the puppy mill, and that is why her tongue hangs out all the time. Her kneecaps are permanently moved to the inside of her back legs, but she doesn't seem to be in any pain because of it -- she does walk like a little crab, though. Booley is around 10 years old and weighs 5 pounds. Now that it is warm, Booley is enjoying exploring the yard, and even taught himself to go through the doggie door. They are totally bonded and inseparable, so we hope that these two will be able to stay together in a loving home where they will never again think of the treatment they had in the puppy mill. Pittypat's adoption fee is $250. Booley's adoption fee is also $250. If you are approved contact Janice: 717-491-1942 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Male , 1 years 3 months , 14 lbs

Jackson is a sweet and young puppy who needs a good family to teach him good puppy manners. He is so very smart and would do great in a puppy training class where he can bond with his family. Jackson was always an only dog and while he is living in a home with other dogs, he is not interested in interacting with them as much as he is his family, so he would be a great only dog! A nice yard would be great but not necessary as there are many benefits to leash walking too. Jackson is a healthy young boy who is looking for his forever family! He is fostered in Boyertown, PA, and his adoption fee is $450. If you are approved contact Vicki: 610-367-2937 or baxtersmom@dejazzd.com.

Male , 9 years , 8.5 lbs

Bobby is a happy boy, finally in a safe foster home where he is getting the love he deserves. He was found as a stray in MD and taken to the shelter, waiting to be claimed. When his family never turned up and couldn't be found, he made his way to RM where he received all of his needed medical care. Bobby is a handsome and well trained boy who would be happiest as an only dog where he can get all of the attention he deserves. He enjoys leash walking, car rides, and having someone to relax with. Bobby is fostered in Newtown PA, and his adoption fee is $300. If you are approved contact Margaret & John: 717-491-1942 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

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